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Steve Adams

Performing solo guitarist, Steve Adams, encompasses Jazz/Latin Jazz/Classical/Nuevo Flamenco styles and can even be heard quoting a few Classic Rock gems of yesteryear. In addition to performing solo he is in the Nu Wavers (80s dance), Ramble On (Led Zep tribute) and Steve Hale and the Super Soul Heroes. He recently released Sunday Morning, an easy listening journey of Bossa Nova, Jazz, Blues, Classical, and New Age.

In the past, Steve has worked with Lisa LaRue (2kx), John Payne (ASIA), Michael Sadler (SAGA), Don Schiff (Elvis, Pat Benatar, 2kx), Blake Sakamoto (Dan Reed Network) and Joe Sorce (Ray Charles). Steve also had the honor of sharing the stage with the illustrious Jennifer Batten (Michael JacksonJeff Beck) Steve has appeared on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat and was heard on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered supporting violinist Chien Tan. The album “Fast and Blue” by Lisa LaRue’s 2KX garnered attention from the annual Los Angeles Music Awards and was nominated for best instrumental band of the year in 2011.

Recent News

Sunday Morning available through CD Baby

Sunday Morning is a whimsical virtuosic blend of Classical, Jazz, Latin, and Blues styles peppered with humor all performed, including percussion, on the Nylon string guitar. Purchase Sunday Morning

Releasing Sunday Morning!

I am very excited to release and album featuring just nylon stringed guitar. Styles ranging from Classical, Blues, Brazilian    and Jazz.

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