Steven Adams

Steve Adams

Steve picked up the guitar in grade school and never let go. He grew up  listening to Classic Rock mimicking riffs from the likes of Jimmy Page and Steve Howe. Soon to follow was an interest in Classical and Jazz…a broadening of artist appreciation ranging from Bach to Stravinksy to Bird and Joe Pass.

It wasn’t until post High School that Steve finally learned the quantitative aspect of music: reading. Theory, and disciplined Classical (finger style technique). Steve graduated from Lewis & Clark having studied with Scott Kritzer (Classical) and Dan Balmer (Jazz).

Upon graduation Steve focused on teaching and composition. His ARZ project (pseudonym for his one man “band”) was conceptualized and soon he was writing instrumental works combining Rock and World Music styles.  Four albums ensued until Merrill Hale (drummer) joined the roster for the fifth album Turn of the Tide.

In performance and recordings, Steve has appeared on Oregon’s ART Beat and was heard on NPR’s All Things Considered supporting violinist Chien Tan. Others he has worked with: Lisa LaRue, John Payne (ASIA), Don Schiff (session bassist—a host of famed clients); Ryo Okumoto (Spock’s Beard), and has had the pleasure of joining forces with the celebrated Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) in showcasing their solo performance shows.